Air Cooler Service Center in Hyderabad

Who doesn’t want themselves to be enjoying the breeze of cool air on a hot summer day!  A splash of breeze would be more than sufficient if the temperature is soaring high as it immediately cools the body and relaxes us. In India and other countries where the torrid ranges of temperatures are persistent, having an alternative source of cooling other than air is highly essential, as there is a drastic increase in the number of victims who have been hospitalized due to the cause of sun strokes and other problems arising as a result of high heat. The alarmingly rising sun attacks must be hindered with immediate effect, because the sun’s heat is growing up day by day and the resistance against such high temperatures is lessening with each passing day.

The natural effect of the sun’s rays is actually much less and is quite bearable by the humans.  This is due to the ozone layer that is preventing the harmful ultra violet radiations from reaching the Earth’s surface.  But many man made products and smoke emitted from the vehicles is polluting the air by releasing harmful gases such as carbon monoxide, which is equally deleterious to human lungs when inhaled,as it causes degradation of hemoglobin, but also spoils the air by releasing the group of gases termed as the green house gases.

The green house gases then deter the ozone layer, leading to formation of pores in the ozone layer. These pores cannot prevent the harmful ultra violet rays of the sun and as such, they fall on the Earth’s surface, thereby heating up the air too.. This phenomenon, known as the global warming, is threatening the world today.  It is the major problem for many countries these days and its quite alarming that there is no permanent solution to this problem yet.

However, we can definitely think of alternative solutions for this problem.  Though it is impossible for humans to regulate the changes in the weather patterns, it is possible to exchange the hot air with cooled one. The main success of the electronic gadgets such as air coolers,air conditioners and air purifiers is that they serve as the best means to escape heat while people are indoors. There are many places in big cities such as Hyderabad, where you can get to know what are the various air coolers and their models available in the market.  But reliability is a big challenge. We can’t blindly follow the wotds of service centres unless proven right since long.

The unique service center in Hyderabad is one such amazing place which is reliable and trustworthy. We can strongly declare that we are the best in terms of quality and believability, because we are directly tied up and are the authorised service center for most of the major electronic brands in the market today. Some of the examples for our connections are the lg service center in Hyderabad, the Samsung authorized service center in Hyderabad, the Philips service center in Hyderabad, the Panasonic service center in Hyderabad, etc. We are also well noted as the air cooler service center in Hyderabad. This is because, we can service any model and make of air coolers available in the market.

Though air conditioners are a perfect bet for anyone who is looking for cool breezes to trim the heat effects, they can be proven to be costly for middle income labours and workers.  For middle class and lowet middle class families, affording an air conditioner is not easily possible. However, since they are also affected by the trend of global warming, we can see that in most cases who are being admitted in the hospitals due to heat prone illnesses are in majority, the low class and middle class people.

Taking this point into account, the electronic companies such as usha, symphony, bajaj, lg and the others have come up with an innovative idea, that is the air coolers.  They are relatively cheaper and can be purchased by a person of any income range. Air coolers are of various sizes and capacities. You can viait or call the unique service center in Hyderabad to know the details of air coolers and their prices.

Working on the principle of the second law of thermodynamics, they are built to exchange the hot air with the cool air through exchange method. The air coolers have in built cooling coils for releasing cool air. Along with this, there are heat exchangers too which can trap the hot air and chill it instantly. Now a days, there are many models of air coolers.Some of them are the regular water based air coolers,which are programmed in such a way that they are capacitized to use water as a source of generating cool air.

Another new variation in this traditional model is the desert air cooler. The name itself is an indication that even a place with scorching heat and high temperatures such as a desert can be cooled these desert air coolers. Not to exaggerate,nut ot is not an overstatement to tell that even a wide spaced room such as big function halls and theatres may be cooled by these desert air coolers.  The prices are also less and the only thing that a customer needs to develol awareness is on how to handle this device and how to fill the accurate amount of water.  The unique service center in Hyderabad is an authorised air cooler service center in Hyderabad that can help you with any kind of repair, replacement or service for your air coolers,be it of any company’s make.

Scorching summer is bounding every home, office or other premises to buy an air cooler which seems to be an easy option due to its cost and maintenance. We are one of the leading air cooler service centre that is available in Hyderabad and our branches are spread across all around Hyderabad. Air cooler service center in Hyderabad Our expertise lies into servicing the air cooler efficiently and quickly with affordable charges. Our service team will serve you within 24 hours of booking. At Unique Service Center, Our target to serve our customers is with only one motive ‘one stop solution with reliable services’.