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Bought a cooler just few years back and facing issues with its well functioning? That is a probable outcome as these kinds of appliances are not used throughout the year and are prone to breakdown due to non-usage. Not to worry! We at Gadgets Cooler Service Center in Hyderabad are there to sort every possible issue with your cooler and air conditioner through our repair and service center cooler service center Hyderabad. We deal in all type of service related issues with repairs that need to be done extending our services at our center as well as at home. We are currently operating in major parts of Hyderabad like Dilshuknagar, Ameerpet etc.

People working in different areas face problems with different changes in the temperatures. Changing in the temperature influences the human behavior and efficiency of working of a person by effecting on the health condition of a person. It is very important to maintain proper environment in the office to improve the productivity and reduce the accident role. To battle the temperature conditions we use ceiling fans, air conditioners, and air coolers. A regular ceiling fan consumes 75 watts and stops suddenly while circulating and cannot produce sufficient cool air during the hot summer. Air conditioners consume more electricity than air coolers and ceiling fans, and also cause respiratory problems and skin infections. Air coolers consume 100 watts and provide sufficient air-cooling because it comes with a humidifier, which keeps the air fresh and clean. The main advantage of using air coolers is, it uses chill trap technology and 4 way deflection which ensures that the air is cool and distributed uniformly to all the places in the room. According to the medical analysis, asthma attacks to all the age groups due to the usage of air conditioners. This is because of the unclean or dirty filters in the air conditioners gives rise to the several types of bacteria and virus in the air results in an asthma attack.

Buying an air conditioner is practically impossible to all the people. So, air coolers came into the market available to all the people, which are cost effective and have a larger tank capacity and powerful blade system, which keeps your room cool. Air coolers are lesser weight and come with a castor wheels, which makes easier to move it from one place to another place around the house or office. There are different types of air coolers with different brands available in the market. Kenstar Double air coolers have a tank capacity of 50 liters and it’s working is ideal for dry climate also, which keeps your home cool and comfortable. The Bajaj Glacier air coolers boosts powerful air flow with air delivery of 2300 cubic meters/ hr (peak) and 1400 cubic meters / hr (average). The chill trap technology and 4-way air deflection is used in this type of air coolers. The Symphony Diet 50T comes with a dust filters, which keeps mosquitoes and polluted air away from the surroundings and reduces the chances of attacking asthma and other major problems. The Mccoy air coolers have a larger tank capacity of 17 liters and powerful 8”3’ blade system.

Many of us use air coolers in summer season because they are less cost and provide lots of comfort. In summer season, the temperature may rise up to 45 degrees Celsius. At that time, we need to buy air conditioners to keep the room cool, but it is not possible for all kind of people that is lower class and middle class people to buy air conditioners. In such cases, we need to buy air coolers which works more efficiently in the rising temperatures. The expert technicians from Gadgets service center in Hyderabad have compiled some tips that can help you to achieve cooler efficiency.

One of the most efficient ways of using coolers is, providing proper ventilation for the air coolers. Many of us think that, coolers work effectively if they are placed in closed places like air conditioners. That is wrong thinking. Coolers work on the principle of evaporation, which blows the hot air through the cooling pads that are soaked with the water. Hence the best place to position your air coolers is, in front of the window. Hotter the air, faster the evaporation and cools the air blown out by the fan. It is important to provide good ventilation to reduce the humidity in the air. Another effective way of increasing the efficiency of the air coolers is, by adding the ice to the water. Some coolers come with the dedicated ice compartments. Adding of ice to the water makes the cooling pads cooler and results in cool air passing through the cooling pads. But, adding too much of ice will cause slow evaporation process and reduces the efficiency of air coolers causing several repairs. In this case, if your air cooler is not working effectively, call cooler service center Hyderabad for service. We send experts in repairing all kinds of air coolers at your doorsteps to repair the cooler. Clean the cooling pads in the air coolers periodically to increase the efficiency of cooling. You can clean the cooling pads by using brush. If more dust is accumulated on the cooling pad and if it is not possible to clean, it is better replace it. Also clean the water tank to make sure that there are no leaks. Check the fan blades regularly.

Coolers should be serviced regularly at the service center to improve the efficiency. If you need professional help in repairing and servicing coolers, you can contact experts from Gadgets service center in Hyderabad. We help you in maintenance and repairing of air coolers. Are you in search of buying new branded cooler? You can visit our cooler service center Hyderabad. Our expert technicians will help you to buy best cooler available in the market and also clears all your confusions and queries regarding the coolers specifications and working. For more repairs and service details of coolers visit our website