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Our servicing company is the one of the most prominent repair service centers in India providing finest services for all types of home appliance and for all brands that is available in the Indian electronic market. Unlike other electronic gadgets repair service centers that are being established almost every single day, we are much better in providing such services at much affordable charges.

At our LG service center, our highly expertise team of technicians delivers the good-quality services for all kinds of different gadgets of LG, such as air condition, washing machines, TV, refrigerator, etc.
The main objective of our repair service center is to keep our customers happy by satisfying them with the best quality services as well as round the clock good customer support for those who are facing any sorts of problems with their electronic gadgets.

LG product support by expert technicians:

LG electronic products available in the market are televisions, home theatre systems, refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, computer monitors, wearable devices, smart appliances and smart phones. LG manufactures home appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines, tumble dryers, vacuum cleaners, kitchen appliances, and microwave ovens.

The latest LG air conditioner comes with smart inverter 1.0T cooling feature and the model number is BSA12BEYD. The key features of this model are smart inverter, faster cooling, active energy control, micro dust protecting filter, and monsoon comfort. The inverter V technology reduces the energy consumption by 66% and provides 1.7 times faster cooling. It is the India’s first air conditioner with mosquito away technology that gives protection against mosquitoes and other bacteria causing harmful health problems. Monsoon comfort technology controls the room temperature, air movement and humidity efficiently. It provides the comfortable cooling inside the room with greater energy savings. The special feature of 3M micro dust protection filter doesn’t allow the harmful microscopic particles present in the air with the help of electrostatic force, which ensures a clean and healthy air inside the room. It also enhances the durability of the air conditioner by stopping the dust, which causes the corrosion to the internal parts of the air conditioner. You can get warranty on the compressor of the LG air conditioner. This type of innovative and advanced technology of LG air conditioner offers powerful air throw to be in comfortable in your home in the summer season, allergy reduction and some simple advanced controls allows you to operate the air conditioner very easily. For the description of additional LG air conditioners options and features by the experts, you can visit GADGETS SERVICE CENTER in Hyderabad. You can also see the demo of the actual product functioning, design, and specifications at LG Service Center.

The latest model of LG refrigerator is 450 liters double door bottom freezer refrigerator with inverter linear compressor and smart diagnosis and the model number is GC-B519ESQZ. The internal lab test results are conducted on the basis of standard test conditions vary from model to model and also depend on the kind of usage of refrigerator under general conditions. It comes with inverter compressor, freezer, condenser, overload capacitor, relay, main PCB, display PCB, controller assembly, fan motor etc. We at LG Service Center charges low cost for gas in case of inoperative or defective inverter compressor. Standard service charges are applicable during the extended warranty period. The additional warranty will not cover the parts such as freezer, condenser, overload protector, relay, main PCB, display PCB, thermostat etc. One of the most popular LG refrigerators is a side-by-side refrigerator with latest cooling and advanced freshness technology. Convenient storage and special styling features enhances every kitchen. If you are facing any problems and repairs with your LG refrigerators visit GADGETS SERVICE CENTER in Hyderabad.

The latest LG washing machines are, 8.0kg, plastic body, roller jet pulsator, collar scrubber, color burgundy with model number P9032R3SM; 6.5KG 6 motion direct drive washer white, smart diagnosis, baby care with model number FH096WDL23; The most popular LG washing machine is LG signature twin wash FH6G1BAPK22_FH8G5XDNK3; Twin wash 12kg/8kg, 6 motion direct drive washer dryer with WIFI control (compatible with mini wash) model number FH6G1BCHK6N_F8K5XNK4; Mostly used washing machines by the customers are 6.2kg, LGT7269NDDL top load washing machine with model number T7269NDDL; 6.0kg, 6 motion direct drive washer, white, smart diagnosis, baby care FH0B8NDL22; 6.0kg, 6 motion direct drive washer, touch panel, white smart diagnosis, baby care FH0H3NDL02. Get the repair services, installation services, and maintenance services for any models of LG washing machines at GADGETS SERVICE CENTER in Hyderabad. The latest washing machines come with inverter drive technology, in which motor is attached to the drum without using a belt or pulley. This technology uses lesser mechanical parts, which ensures less energy dissipation. This technology enhances the performance of washing machine, minimize the noise, vibration, more durability and enhances the energy saving. Auto pre-wash in the LG washing machine is one of the easiest options for stain removal. With one touch of auto pre wash, tough stains on the clothes will be removed. Pre wash allows you to wash your clothes with care like hand pre wash. The unique technology of turbo drum gives the perfect wash with dual direction. The drum-rotating drum in dual direction reduces the twisting of clothes and enhances the freshness of the clothes than before. The turbo wash enables the washing cycle to be finished in 59 minutes, which provides energy savings and maintains washing performances efficiently without repairs. The technology of LG turbo wash reduces the energy consumption up to 15% and water consumption up to 40%. It gives faster, clean washing of clothes. The other key features of LG washing machines are, smart inverter technology, powerful washing with multi water flow, turbo drum, waterfall circulation, smart filter, 6 motion DD, smart diagnosis system, tub clean, more motion, better care, touch panel and many more. If you have any problems or repairs regarding these features, contact customer care service at LG Service Center in Hyderabad. We at GADGETS SERVICE CENTER in Hyderabad provide repair services, maintenance services, troubleshooting guide, repair help for any model and any brand of home appliances and electronic products. For more details, visit www.gadgetsservicecenter.com.