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There are many products that interest the public. Even many international multinationals are competing with one another, to make an everlasting impression on their customers to stand on top of the list. There is absolutely no chance of compromise when it comes to quality of any utility device, not to forget, the electronic gadgets. These electronics have always been a part and parcel of our day-to-day lives, and the innovations pertaining to these devices have never, not even once, failed to impress us. There are a narrow minimum or no cases, which report the cases where an electronic device is a disaster in terms of its functionality, when being manufactured by a well-known brand. This is because each and every electronic company, which is popular these days, has not shot to fame overnight. As the famous saying goes, “Rome was not built in a day “, the saying is well suited for these companies who worked their fingers to the bone in terms of investing their sweat and blood in turning out to be successful in the markets and their main agenda is to see the wow response in the eyes of the buyers at the instant they get to see the device for the first time. The companies, though are now atomized with electricity replacing human effort, there is still a human mastermind behind every successful product launch. This fact is proved to be correct in almost all the instances.

One such brilliant thought, which made India one of the countries to region the throne of electronics, is Videocon. It is a Mumbai based industrial conglomerate that has been a head turner since its start. Videocon is not just any other common name today, but it is a brand that has established a brand value of its own. Making its way in to all the households, Videocon is a favorite of many. Videocon leasing and industrial finance limited was incorporated on 4th September 1986, as Adhigam Trading private limited. Due to the necessary resolutions passed under section 21 of the companies Act, 1956 the name of the company was changed to Videocon Leasing and Industrial private limited on 4th Feb. 1991. Videocon Industries has brought planet M, the music and entertainment retail. Videocon industries limited developed in four segments like consumer electronic and home appliances, crude oil and natural gas, telecommunications and power.

Videocon products and appliances

Videocon, though initially was famous as washing machine manufacturers,

Over the years, the surpassed the name as being confined only to manufacture washing machines. Videocon involves in manufacturing, assembling and distribution of air conditioners, refrigerators, television sets, dishwashers, microwave ovens, cooking ranges, home theatre systems, audio systems and small household appliances such as glass shell, compressors and motors. For more information regarding the various Videocon products, go to Videocon service center in Hyderabad.

Videocon industries limited offer world’s first satellite air conditioner. Videocon air conditioners provide smart way of cooling in this summer with Aryabot- world’s first satellite AC and inverter AC range. After several researches and developments of technologies on air conditioners, they found healthy and perfect cooling is possible every time with the Videocon air conditioners. There are different types of Videocon air conditioners such as hybrid solar AC, Aryabot AC, Inverter AC, hot and cold AC, window AC, Cassette AC, Tower AC and split AC. The Videocon air conditioner’s comes with several features like copper condenser, active carbon filter, vitamin C filter, Anti bacterial filter, BEE ratings 5 star, gold fin evaporator, dehumidifiers, auto restart, satellite controlled and self clean. These advanced and latest features help a lot to make your life simple with smart way of cooling. For the detail demonstration of each and every feature of Videocon air conditioners, you can contact experts at GADGETS SERVICE CENTER in Hyderabad. Our expert technicians from Videocon service center in Hyderabad will explain you clearly about all the Videocon products and resolves all the issues related to Videocon air conditioners. The most common repairs in Videocon air conditioners are sensor issues. The cooling capacity of air conditioner depends on the working of sensor in it. If the sensor is not working properly, the temperature in the room may to too hot or too cold. This is because that the AC doesn’t switch the cycles on and off according to the room temperature. If you use the Videocon air conditioner with the sensor issues, the other components may breakdown. Immediately contact experts at Videocon service center in Hyderabad. Our professionals will provide some troubleshooting repair tips to find the problems causing sensor repairs.

Turn off the Videocon air conditioner and remove the power by shutting off the breaker at the main electrical panel. Check whether the indoor air conditioning evaporator coil is touching the sensor or bending away from it. The actual sensor should be close to the coil, which is covered by a protection coven on it. If this is the issue, don’t run the Videocon air conditioner without repairing and servicing the evaporator coils and sensor issues. Carefully place the sensor back to its position to work according to the temperature changes. Turn the breaker on and run the Videocon air conditioner. If you are working on the sensor issue, always you need to have a professional help from authorized service center like GADGETS SERVICE CENTER in Hyderabad. Our experts can resolve all the common problems in Videocon air conditioners at Videocon service center in Hyderabad such as Videocon AC slow cooling repair, blockage repair, coil repair, AC leakage repair, sensor repair, internal circuit repair, compressor repair, evaporator coils repair, turn on issues, remote control repair, thermostat repair, functioning repair, low cooling repair, outside fan repair, water filled issues repair, broken parts repair, and many more.

GADGETS SERVICE CENTER is one of the leading service centers in Hyderabad. We from Videocon service center in Hyderabad offer installation services, repair services and maintenance services of various Videocon products such as, washing machines, air conditioners, refrigerators, microwave ovens, cooking ranges, dish washers, home theatre systems, televisions and many more. You can get your Videocon product to be repaired by our expert technicians on the same day of service request at reasonable costs. For more repairing and servicing details, log onto our website